Poo! The Musical

Poo in the Park!

We’ve all trodden in it. We’ve all had to clean it up. And what is it with people who pick up and then hang the bag in a tree??? Yes, dog mess is yucky. But did you ever wonder what the dogs think about it? It’s Spring. MAX the mongrel has a problem. He’s in love with POLLY, the big poodle who lives next door. But they haven’t met yet. If only his human would hurry up and take him for a walk. Meanwhile MRS BLACKBIRD is very excited – she’s nabbed the best site in the village for her new nest. Max finally meets Polly but is mortified; his human didn’t clean up his poo so Polly knows what he had for dinner. What can he do to get in her good books? Mrs Blackbird is outraged to find a bag of dog poo hung right outside her front door. Perhaps the ANGRY BIRDS can sort things out…. Poo! The Musical is a fun show for kids to perform with new lyrics to old songs like My Bonnie lies over the ocean and Skip to my Lou. The dogs even dance their version of the Charleston!

Player is at pitp.reece.site11.com