P7 Lendrick Muir Residential Trip

Day 1
We were all feeling a mixture of different feelings – we were excited, anxious and nervous. We left school at 7.30 and there before 12 o’clock. It was a good journey and it seemed quicker than I thought it would be. We had lots of snow on the way and it was freezing outside but boiling on the bus.
We had our lunch and then we were put into activity teams for our team challenge. We went to the woods to do the challenges. For each one, the teams were given points out of a 100 for both success and team work. My favourite challenge was Golf Ball. We had to work as a team to get a golf ball from one end of a 50 metre course to the other. We were only able to use some short lengths of plastic pipes – if the ball fell to the ground then we had to start again. Another good one was the Giant’s Feet. We had two long pieces of wood with a rope that we had to get round a course by standing on a walking it was really good fun but tricky.
At the end we got our points which were converted to Lendrick Muir money so that we could buy materials for the Great Egg Drop. The more money, the more materials we could get. We had to build a protective box for our egg to survive a drop from the 3rd floor of the building. Most groups tried to make parachutes. The red and orange groups’ eggs survived, the rest were a scrambled mess.
We met in out meeting room to discuss the day and how we were feeling. After our evening meal we had some free time and then we went the Crush Hall for our evening activity which was the inflatables. There were two large inflatables, one was a large slide and the other was the bungee run. On the first you had to climb up a rope ladder and slide down in a bag. On the second you were harnessed up and then ran as far as you could to put a beanbag on the velcro. It was really fun when the bungee rope pulled you back really fast.
After that, we had a snack and then it was time to get ready for bed. We were really hyper so it was there was a lot of chatting and laughter before we settled down to sleep.
By Kirsten, Eoin, Craig G and Grace
Day 2
What a shock! We woke up to find lots of snow covering Lendrick Muir. It was 30cm deep in places! It seemed fairly certain that we wouldn’t be able to do today’s outdoor activities. What we did instead was to go to the Crush Hall to do some games. Again we were in our groups and we tried to get as many points as possible. In the first session we played, hockey, basketball and dodge ball and in the second session we played team skipping, Nuke’em which is a bit like volleyball and Ringo which is a bit like bench ball but you score a point by getting a ring on a hockey stick. We’d like to try these out at school.
After lunch we got on all our waterproof stuff and went down to Rumblin’ Bridge for the gorge walk. It was amazing. There was a huge waterfall into the deep gorge. We stood on the view platform to see it. We also saw General Wade’s Bridge. It was built when the King George’s army, the Redcoats were fighting the Jacobites. It was a very long walk in the snow and we were freezing by the time we got back.
Before long it was time for the next session outside. We had a snowman building competition. Each group had to build the tallest and most handsome snowman. The yellow group decided to model there’s on Keith – it was the winner. Once they were made, we got the chance to have the snowman battle. We had to attack the others and defend our own one. We didn’t have much to defend because ours collapsed before the battle started. No-one came to attack ours so it meant we had the most left at the end – we won – it was exhilarating.
At night we had the Murder Mystery. This was really good. All the suspects were played by the staff and the teachers. It was really funny. We were split up into teams of detectives and had to interview the different characters who might have killed Lord Moubray. We had to collect the clues to try to work out the killer. Most people suspected the butler or the son but this time the murderer was Lady Moubray.
By Jody, Anna, Drew, Molly and Jamie L

Day 3
More snow – but it didn’t stop us going to Edinburgh. We couldn’t believe that we were just driving for about 15 minutes to find that all the snow had disappeared!! Vicky, our group leader, told us that Lendrick Muir has its own little snow zone, sounds a bit like Keith!
We went to Dynamic Earth, it was awesome. We got to see how the world started. We went back in time to the Big Bang. We saw some videos about how the world developed. In one of the sections the ground moved like an earthquake. Some people got a fright. We really enjoyed the flight simulator to the different biomes especially when the snow started falling on us. The block of ice is amazing – it was really cold and wet.
After lunch we went to the Scottish Parliament. We had to go through the security checks like the airport. We went to the Education Room and looked at some artefacts and then completed a quiz about reserved and devolved powers. One of our MSPs Mary Scanlon came and answered questions that we had made up, she was very good. After this, we went to the Debating Chamber and listened to Minister’s Questions. The MSPs were having a debate on Trident missiles. We saw some famous politicians including the First Minister, Alex Salmond. We had some time in the gift shop at Dynamic Earth before we went on the bus back to Lendrick Muir.
We started our evening session with an activity in the hall. We needed to make 4 new groups out of 5 so that we could make up for the lost activity sessions. After this we had film night, we watched Ant Bully. Some people had seen it before but most hadn’t. It was quite funny.
By Arran and Craig Mc
072Day 4
Finally we managed to get the activities done. We had Trail Bikes, Orienteering, Leap of Faith, Tree Climb and we finished the session off around the campfire – wearing almost every layer of clothing we had!!