Eco Defenders Minutes

Eco Defenders Minutes

Date: 10.6.14
Time: 10.47am
Where: library
Present: Chloe, Kody, Robbie, Caitlyn, Gregor, Chloe, Julieann, Reece and Andrew (Heidi, Jamie and Sally are present as a cross-over).

Minutes: Mrs Wilson took over from Ms Francis and wanted to get together with the committee to see what was what. All committee members volunteered to become an Eco Defender.

There was a large response so it was decided that a core committee was needed but that the whole school can be members.

Names were drawn from a hat. 9 core members were chosen to do an environmental review. They had to go round the school and review our energy/wastage.

Time ended: 11.22 am
Next meeting: 24th June 2014

Eco Defenders Minutes

Date: 24.6.14
Time: 10.54 am
Where: school hall
Present: Robbie, Mrs Wilson, Kody, Chloe, Chloe, Andrew, Reece, Caitlyn

Minutes: Looked at voting board on Eco Noticeboard. The group must do Litter as an option, food waste – 9 votes, sustaining our world – 7 votes, energy – 3 votes, school grounds – 2 votes, water – 0 votes, transport – 1 vote, waste minimisation – 2 votes, biodiversity – 43 votes and health and wellbeing got 0 votes.

Total votes cast – 73
Non votes – 1

Action plans – Litter (Reece, Kody and Robbie)
Biodiversity (Chloe and Caitlyn)
Food (Andrew and Chloe)

Things to be done – posters, charts, eco code and rotas

Time ended: 11.25 am
Next meeting: first week of new term.

Eco Defenders Minutes

Date: 25th August 2014
Time: 1.45 pm
Where: Nursery
Present: Charlie, Reece, Emma, Robert, Aria, Caitlyn, Harry, Deigan, Zac, Naomi, Robbie, Kate, Ethan and John.

Minutes: Eco code was reinvented by – Reece, Harry, Aria and Deigan
Food rota was made by – Robbie, Zac and Naomi
Litter rota was made by – Caitlyn, Ethan and Emma
Log pile rota was made by – Robert, Katie and John

Time ended: 2.25 pm
Next meeting: 1st September

Eco Defenders Minutes

Date: 1st September 2014
Time: 1.34 pm
Where: nursery
Present: John, Robert, Harry, Katie, Robbie, Ethan, Emma, Naomi, Zac, Victoria, Deigan, Charlie, Aria and Reece

Minutes: Music for the eco code was decided by Reece, Aria, Victoria and Harry (Old Macdonald), 2 posters were made for the log piles and litter signs made for the outside and food charts made.

Time ended: 2.25pm
Next meeting: 8th September 2014

Eco Defenders Minutes

Date: 8th September 2014
Time: 1.40 pm
Where: Nursery
Present: Ethan, Caitlyn, Deigan, Harry, Victoria, Aria, John, Reece, Zac, Robert, Robbie, Emma, Naomi, Charlie, Katie

Minutes: Logs were collected for the log piles. We explored our playing park and drew something that caught our eye.

Time ended: 2.23 pm
Next meeting: First week in new term

Eco Defenders Minutes

Date: 27th October 2014
Time: 1.43 pm
Where: Hall
Present: Maci, Ollie, Georgie, Katie, Carla, Douglas, Ewan, Stuart, Rory, Adam and Vincent.

Minutes: The food wastage is going well but each class needs to be monitored and more times a week. It was agreed that each class has a food bucket and the waste will be done twice a week – Monday and Thursday. 1 committee member will take charge of measuring and they can choose a helper. Log pile rota will not change.

Time ended: 2.20 pm
Next meeting: November 2014

Eco Defenders Minutes

Date: 24th November 2014
Time: 2.05 pm
Where: Hall
Present: Katie, Ewan, Stuart, Carla, Georgie, Aaron, Maci, Owen, Adam, Rory, Ewan and Douglas.

Minutes: Food wastage was really bad today – wraps and chow mein on the menu.

Time ended: 2.18 pm
Next meeting: 2nd December 2014

Eco Defenders Minutes

Date: 2nd December 2014
Time: 11.24 am
Where: Library
Present: Chloe, Kody, Chloe, Robbie, Reece, Caitlyn, Julieann, Gregor, Andrew

Minutes: The litter chart is not going well, the plastic faces are too light and keep flying away. A wooden face might be better for the chart. Only two people each week should be in charge of the litter chart instead of different people each day. The food waste is OK, keep with the 4 different buckets but go back to once a week. A person could rally round the hall telling people to eat up!!! The log piles have not worked as most have fallen apart or have been removed.

Time ended: 11.33 am
Next meeting: first week of new term.