Community Allotment

Today (19th May 2012) saw the first visit by a work party to our new allotment. Thank you very much to the children and grown ups who made it along to help. We spent about as much time digging weeds as we did taking out old fence posts and pulling out old pieces of corrugated iron. Eventually we cleared enough of a space to get a fine row of Kerrs Pink in and we can’t wait to see how they get on. There is much more to be done and another work session will be announced soon. We did have beautiful weather and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as me 🙂

We made a second allotment visit on the 4th June. Even more parents and children turned up than last time and we finished the planting… Hooray 🙂 The pictures above are of both visits and they are in chronological order. Thank you to everyone who has helped so far.


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