The classes are organised each year to take account of the numbers of children within each group and stage.  Currently the 4 classes are organised as follows P1, P2-3, P4-5 & P 6-7.  We like the positive benefits that a small school brings particularly; the family atmosphere, the responsibility that the older children have for the younger ones and the shared working that is possible in mixed classes.

To contribute towards the legacy of the successful London Olympics 2012, the P4-7’s have collaborated in two sporting events (so far…); a running event and most recently a badminton tournament.  Both events were inter-house competitions in which pupils could score points for their houses (St. Andrew’s, St. John’s and St. Margaret’s).  The events have proven very popular, with non-competitors volunteering to do scoring, judging/refereeing and simply cheering on their team!  Further competitions are basketball, hockey and dodgeball…so watch this space for more action after the tattie holidays!

Winning Score:

Running – St. Andrew

Badminton – St. Andrew and St. Margaret joint winners!

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