Building The Future

This year’s Science Day was based on Architecture because this year is the International Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design.
We all came to school dressed as builders or buildings. (I also saw an interior designer and two lady architects; Odile Deq and Zaha Hadid)
We each bought in £1 which will be donated to Article 25. They are a charity named after Article 25 of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which shows that adequate, dignified buildings and housing are fundamental to our human rights. Registered Charity Number: 1112621

The day began and finished with presentations from real life architects; Jill and Graham. Thank you sooooooo very much to absolutely everyone who helped , it was a truly memorable day.

Click HERE to see pics.


Eco Defenders – bird feeder engineers

During our last ACE Eco group (Term 3) the children were thinking about ways to encourage more wildlife into our playground. They came up with Insect Hotels and making bird feeders. As we are Eco friendly, the children used all recyclable materials in their efforts to increase our biodiversity. As you shall see from the photos, they proved to be excellent engineers and designers. Hopefully within a few weeks we shall have a few visitors that will “check in” to their new accommodation!Aria and Logan's bird feeder







Eco Meeting 7th October 2015

Present: Aedy, Ella, Meadow, Harley T, Gregor, Mrs Anderson and Mrs Wilson
Time: 7.10.15
Where?: P6-7 classroom

What is going well?
Litter is going well – the play ground is tidy and the wooden signs are being used.
Meadow has volunteered to make up a new rota sheet for next term.

The food waste is going fine, the nursery is getting the thumbs up for being the best at not wasting much food. However, some people are scraping their waste into the black bins rather than into the weighing boxes to be measured – oh dear!
Gregor and Ella shall make up new rotas for next term.

Mrs Wilson spoke about getting a hive for our wilderness garden, the committee members thought this would be a great idea. Mrs Wilson will get in touch with the moray beekeepers association to see if they are willing to donate a hive.

Meeting ended 10.15 am
Next meeting 2nd December 2015

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Cross your fingers for the 10th June!

STEM Award finalists for 2015

  • Larbert High School (Falkirk)
  • St Thomas RC Primary School (Moray)
  • Eastwood High School (East Renfrewshire)

We made it to the finalists’ list for the awards in 2007 when we were runners up to Corseford School in the Active Citizenship category. Can we go one better this year?

Eco Schools 2.12.14 – Core Committee

Present: Chloe, Robbie, Reece, Caitlyn, Julieann, Gregor, Andrew and Mrs Wilson
Time: 11.24am
Where: Library
Things that are going well:
Keep up with Melon Bear, Scrumple – popular
Outdoor litter sign not so good – wind is blowing it about and faces are being rubbed off, need a new sign
People forget they are on duty, so one person on whole week with another helping.
Food wastage is working keep the 4 boxes but go back to 1x weekly
Have people encourage others not to waste food.
Time: 11.33am

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Eco Schools 24.11.14

Present: Ewan, Stuart, Carla, Georgie, Aaron, Maci, Ollie, Adam, Rory, Ewan, Douglas and Mrs Wilson
Time: 2.05 pm
Where: Nursery
Food wastage was really bad today – wraps and chow mein for lunch. These are not popular choices.
Continue to measure weekly, P1-3 still with most waste but there are more of them.

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Eco Schools 27.10.14

Present: Maci, Ollie, Georgie, Katie, Carla, Douglas, Ewan, Stuart, Rory, Ewan, Adam, Vincent and Mrs Wilson
Time: 1.43pm
Where: Hall
Food- all classes should have a food wastage bucket to see who has the most waste, trail 2x per week.
1 committee member and friend should be in charge of measuring.
Log piles are OK – keep checking from time to time.
Time: 2.07 pm

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Eco Schools 8.9.14

Present: Ethan, Deigan, Victoria, John, Zac, Robbie, Naomi, Katie, Caitlyn, Harry, Aria, Reece, Robert, Emma, Charlie and Mrs Wilson
Time: 1.40 pm
Where: Nursery
Logs were collected for log piles. Looked around out play park to find nature and talk about things we saw and how we can protect them.
Time : 2.23 pm

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