Farewell Mrs Anderson!

We said “Cheerio” to Mrs Anderson at the start of December. She is leaving St Thomas Nursery to work at a local caring home, we wish her all the very best in her new venture. She received many gifts which were presented to her during a whole school assembly.131_0925




A fond farewell to Mrs Main

Mrs Main received a musical “cheerio!” from the pupils on her recent retirement. The staff and parents collection gave her a silver cross, a plant, vouchers, money and wine. The P1-3 also wrote a prayer to wish her a long and healthy retirement. Mrs Main has taught at St Thomas’ for over 16 years, she was mostly spotted in the middle class (P4-5), as well as out and about enjoying Outdoor Learning. Mrs Main will also be remembered for her highly creative skills in art and crafts and her excellent guitar playing. She shall be missed, but promised to return to help in Activity Clubs!!100_0795



Paired reading

Every Wednesday since the Christmas Break the P1-3 and P6-7 classes have enjoyed a 30 minute “reading together” session. Research has proven that peered reading can help towards greater attainment in reading, better social interactions and improvement in higher order questioning. The children involved have mostly welcomed the idea and look forward to sharing their stories with their reading partners.

Paired Reading Sessions

Paired Reading Sessions











P6/7 Have a new blog for you to follow!

Our latest class project is all about crofting. So that we don’t fill up the school website with our work, Ms Francis has created a totally separate blog for our activities to be recorded on. Click the Mini Crofters logo (Which Reece created!) below for you to follow if you’re interested!

 Mini Crofters

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Mini Farmers’ Market

A little dickie bird told Ms Francis that Granda’s allotment was full of salad and veg for picking. P6-7 set off down there and the wee birdie was right. We harvested broad beans, lettuce (red and green) and cabbage. We had a stall outside the front of school this afternoon and for donations we sold the lot! These pics show you how we got on!

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Estonia VC

getting it to work

This morning P6 and 7 successfully linked up online with the school in Sikupili which Ms Francis visited last month. The children were able to talk to each other and we even sang songs…one of them together 🙂

The children in Estonia finish school today for the summer and they are not back until September. Don’t tell Mr Farrell but we are all thinking of moving to Estonia!