Remembrance Day

On Friday the 11th of November 2016 St Thomas’ had a lovely Remembrance Assembly in which the P123 class had created a beautiful display by creating their own poppies that surrounded Remembrance Day facts. P345 made wreaths which they then laid in front of the P123 memorial display. P567 created a beautiful field of poppies with POPPY acrostic poems as gravestones and the nursery created a lovely poppy field by painting with balloons.

All of the children were very respectful and thoughtful during the two minutes silence at 11am and took time to remember those who died for our freedom and those who continue to be caught up in current conflict.

During P345 Golden Time on the Friday afternoon George and Carla created beautiful playdough poppies. P345 also learned from the Nursery that red poppies are worn to remember those who died, purple poppies are for the many animals who died serving and helping throughout the past wars and current conflicts and white poppies are for peace that we all pray will come soon.


Taking Art Outside!

Before we took to writing our autumnal acrostic poems, P345 decided to immerse themselves in the season and take advantage of the amazing natural material around them!  The class collected leaves, sticks and berries to create little masterpieces!

Unfortunately it was a rather blustery day and many of our pieces of artwork blew away before it could be captured!

However this won’t put us off and we hope to get outside again, perhaps to create Scottish themed masterpieces for our topic and forthcoming ERASMUS visitors!

Building The Future

This year’s Science Day was based on Architecture because this year is the International Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design.
We all came to school dressed as builders or buildings. (I also saw an interior designer and two lady architects; Odile Deq and Zaha Hadid)
We each bought in £1 which will be donated to Article 25. They are a charity named after Article 25 of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which shows that adequate, dignified buildings and housing are fundamental to our human rights. Registered Charity Number: 1112621

The day began and finished with presentations from real life architects; Jill and Graham. Thank you sooooooo very much to absolutely everyone who helped , it was a truly memorable day.

Click HERE to see pics.


MacLaren 2014 Workshop

P6-7 had the marvellous opportunity to take part in a workshop to commemorate the 100 anniversary of Norman MacLaren’s birth. Norman McLaren was a world renowned film maker, a genius of the moving image famous for his innovative and prolific animated experiments. Many of his short films won International Film Festival Awards, including the Academy Award (Oscar) for 1952’s NEIGHBOURS. He has influenced artists, filmmakers and musicians, from Picasso and Truffaut to Lucas and Linklater.

The McLaren 2014 Programme has been produced by the Centre for the Moving Image in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada. Animation teachers, Andrew Low, Sharon Sørensen, Tricia Anderson and James Gibb, are travelling to 140 schools in Scotland and to over 25 public venues in the UK, to deliver these workshops and introduce the techniques of McLaren and the fundamentals of animation through a fun education experience. We had the pleasure of a visit from Tricia. Follow the link above to see what we created.


Moon Festival Celebrated in Style

We celebrated Chinese Moon Festival last week in a whole school show and tell. P1-3 showed everyone their beautiful willow lanterns with the help from a ‘buddy’ in P6-7. P4-5 changed the mood with an energetic Dragon Dance to music borrowed from the Nursery. Then P6-7 improvised actions for the story of Lin Yi’s Lantern read by Ms Francis. We saved the best bit til the end when P1-3 shared their homemade Mooncakes…ummmm. We really enjoyed ourselves and you can have a taste of the excitement by watching the short video below.