Chinese New Year Celebrations!

The whole school prepared, presented and enjoyed a lovely assembly to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

The arts and crafts activity group made red paper lanterns and rooster faces to decorate the hall and to get us in the mood to celebrate the year of the rooster. They did a super job and worked really hard- well done!

We were treated to a special song by the P123 class with help from Xuzhuo. The children all sang beautifully! P123 also made lovely rooster puppets and paper lanterns that were superbly decorated!

P345 learned all about Chinese New Year and presented what they knew to the school. All of the readers did very well and their supportive peers made for a great audience through the assembly as well as the practices. P345 created lovely Chinese words from paper with Xuzhuo- they were very tricky but they looked great!

At the very end of the assembly we were treated to a brilliant surprise from the P567 pupils…a Chinese Dragon dance! All of the boy and girls involved worked really well together to make the dance run smoothly and look very realistic. P567 also made Chinese origami from paper to decorate the wall in the hall, it really helped to create a celebratory atmosphere.

Thank you to all of the friends and family that came along to support the school and we hope you enjoyed our Chinese New Year celebrations!

Erasmus Ceilidh fun

Our Erasmus partners were given a very warm Scottish farewell at St Thomas’ ceilidh 30th November. Our visitors had spent three days at the school learning about the Scottish curriculum as well as showcasing lessons that they would undertake in their countries. The visitors also had free time to explore the delights of Scotland – kilt making, whisky distilling and of course Nessie searching!

















Remembrance Day

On Friday the 11th of November 2016 St Thomas’ had a lovely Remembrance Assembly in which the P123 class had created a beautiful display by creating their own poppies that surrounded Remembrance Day facts. P345 made wreaths which they then laid in front of the P123 memorial display. P567 created a beautiful field of poppies with POPPY acrostic poems as gravestones and the nursery created a lovely poppy field by painting with balloons.

All of the children were very respectful and thoughtful during the two minutes silence at 11am and took time to remember those who died for our freedom and those who continue to be caught up in current conflict.

During P345 Golden Time on the Friday afternoon George and Carla created beautiful playdough poppies. P345 also learned from the Nursery that red poppies are worn to remember those who died, purple poppies are for the many animals who died serving and helping throughout the past wars and current conflicts and white poppies are for peace that we all pray will come soon.

Taking Art Outside!

Before we took to writing our autumnal acrostic poems, P345 decided to immerse themselves in the season and take advantage of the amazing natural material around them!  The class collected leaves, sticks and berries to create little masterpieces!

Unfortunately it was a rather blustery day and many of our pieces of artwork blew away before it could be captured!

However this won’t put us off and we hope to get outside again, perhaps to create Scottish themed masterpieces for our topic and forthcoming ERASMUS visitors!

Keep fit, Keep active, Keep having FUN!

In P345 we just love a fun and active PE lesson! Whatever we are learning that day in PE we love to start the lesson off with a game to get our feet moving, our brains ticking and our hearts racing!

Here we are playing Stick in the Mud and Chain Tag- our two favourites!

Last term we looked at two significant aspects of learning- control and coordination. We applied these to Hockey, Football, Gymnastics and Dance.

This term we are looking at improving our speed and stamina and have already been working on these skills in Hockey.


Playdough Practice!

Throughout the week P345 always try to get in some spelling practice however we like to think of new and exciting ways to practice our words!

Here are just two examples of how to use playdough- Ruby has rolled out her letters for each of her words and Logan has etched his words into a slab of playdough.

We also use our whiteboards, giant paper roll, WordArt on the computer, floor chalk and rice trays.