Chinese New Year Celebrations!

The whole school prepared, presented and enjoyed a lovely assembly to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

The arts and crafts activity group made red paper lanterns and rooster faces to decorate the hall and to get us in the mood to celebrate the year of the rooster. They did a super job and worked really hard- well done!

We were treated to a special song by the P123 class with help from Xuzhuo. The children all sang beautifully! P123 also made lovely rooster puppets and paper lanterns that were superbly decorated!

P345 learned all about Chinese New Year and presented what they knew to the school. All of the readers did very well and their supportive peers made for a great audience through the assembly as well as the practices. P345 created lovely Chinese words from paper with Xuzhuo- they were very tricky but they looked great!

At the very end of the assembly we were treated to a brilliant surprise from the P567 pupils…a Chinese Dragon dance! All of the boy and girls involved worked really well together to make the dance run smoothly and look very realistic. P567 also made Chinese origami from paper to decorate the wall in the hall, it really helped to create a celebratory atmosphere.

Thank you to all of the friends and family that came along to support the school and we hope you enjoyed our Chinese New Year celebrations!