Remembrance Day

On Friday the 11th of November 2016 St Thomas’ had a lovely Remembrance Assembly in which the P123 class had created a beautiful display by creating their own poppies that surrounded Remembrance Day facts. P345 made wreaths which they then laid in front of the P123 memorial display. P567 created a beautiful field of poppies with POPPY acrostic poems as gravestones and the nursery created a lovely poppy field by painting with balloons.

All of the children were very respectful and thoughtful during the two minutes silence at 11am and took time to remember those who died for our freedom and those who continue to be caught up in current conflict.

During P345 Golden Time on the Friday afternoon George and Carla created beautiful playdough poppies. P345 also learned from the Nursery that red poppies are worn to remember those who died, purple poppies are for the many animals who died serving and helping throughout the past wars and current conflicts and white poppies are for peace that we all pray will come soon.