Dancing Around the World!

Last term (29/09/2016 + 06/10/2016) we tried out some marvellous Expressive Arts, combining PE, drama, music and dance to illustrate our knowledge about countries around the world!

There were six stations each with a mystery bag which had instruments and fabric as well as a sheet of pictures from their assigned countries. Through studying the pictures, trying out the instruments and playing with the fabric the groups put together some movements that either represented the countries famous points or told a story.

We had some marvellous acts including a story of a hungry and tired African woman, a fight between a tribesman and a lion, an aboriginal tribal dance, a story of an Eskimo’s hunt for food and an amalgamation of all styles of traditional dances in the UK! To list but a few of the brilliant dances performed by P345.

We had such great fun and Ms Given was very impressed with the focus and enthusiasm the class had!

Well done P345!