Around the World Tasting Day!

What better way to finish off our Around the World topic than to enjoy some of its best culinary delights!

There was so much to choose from it was tricky to know where to begin! As a class we decided it would be super if we could all taste something we had perhaps never tried before!

The sort of foods we tried were: cous cous, pomegranate, meatballs, crepes, prawn crackers, mozzarella, pink grapefruit, pizza, naan bread, pitta bread, houmous, pineapple, edam cheese, deli meats, kiwi, pear, apple and waffles… to list but a few! A few of us even tried snails from France! They weren’t to everyone’s taste but we were brave and gave them a go!

All the children thoroughly enjoyed their tasty experience and we learned so much about food from Around the World through the best way possible- by eating it!