Eco Meeting 7th October 2015

Present: Aedy, Ella, Meadow, Harley T, Gregor, Mrs Anderson and Mrs Wilson
Time: 7.10.15
Where?: P6-7 classroom

What is going well?
Litter is going well – the play ground is tidy and the wooden signs are being used.
Meadow has volunteered to make up a new rota sheet for next term.

The food waste is going fine, the nursery is getting the thumbs up for being the best at not wasting much food. However, some people are scraping their waste into the black bins rather than into the weighing boxes to be measured – oh dear!
Gregor and Ella shall make up new rotas for next term.

Mrs Wilson spoke about getting a hive for our wilderness garden, the committee members thought this would be a great idea. Mrs Wilson will get in touch with the moray beekeepers association to see if they are willing to donate a hive.

Meeting ended 10.15 am
Next meeting 2nd December 2015