25th Sept, the last day :(

Today was the last day. We met at the beach for a PE lesson. Actually it was part of a government initiative to promote sport and health called ‘Move Week’. It has been happening for 4 years and this year the children had the relatively cool first slot at the beach where they played; volleyball, football and beach tennis. I really enjoyed playing beach tennis, it’s a bit different from lawn tennis or badminton, it is great fun and easy to pick up. There were some official photos taken which will probably appear in the local newspaper next week. The visiting teachers all presented Stella and Despoina with gifts to thank them for their hospitality during the whole week both in and out of school.

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In the afternoon I collected some pictures to try to capture the feel of the place.
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I then began my very long journey home. I am in Schiphol waiting for the flight to Aberdeen but no longer have the company of either Keith or Nessie. Keith decided to visit Poland and Nessie has gone on a trip to Italy! They will come to Finland in February so will enjoy Christmas in places very different to Scotland!
24.9.15 (30) 24.9.15 (31)