Hard work at school today

We had a very long day today but it was great. It began with a meeting at school at 9.30am for a tour around the whole school buildings. We met children working in different lessons and they were keen to sing songs for us and to ask us lots and lots of questions.
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The visiting teachers admired the equipment and resources the school had from notebooks to a new Promethian whiteboard and from handballs to recycled plant holders.24.9.15 (15) (Medium)24.9.15 (17) (Medium)

I collected plenty of ideas to share once I get back, look out Mrs Blake! And look out P6/7 as I now have a set of Greek Maths books!!24.9.15 (12) (Medium)

I led a training session on blogging and website management. We now have a shiny new Erasmus plus website, you can have a look at it by clicking here.

After lunch…..

24.9.15 (33) (Medium)

We visited a local folk museum and learned more about the Turkish/Greek situation and how Cypriots have been affected by the massive upheaval the country has suffered over the years. At the village of the folk museum the ladies create and decorate wonderful table linen. There is also a tradition of filigree silverware and I just couldn’t resist buying a pair of earrings to remember the visit by.

24.9.15 (34) (Medium)

This evening we all had dinner together and afterwards went for a slow walk to the marina.
We next all meet in Finland in February. Thank you Stella, Despoina and all the teachers and of course all the children for having us.24.9.15 (48) (Medium)