Exploring Cyprus

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Today I went with Keith up to the mountains on Cyprus. Some of them are so high that it is possible to actually ski there some winters. The highest one is 1958m I think.  A lady told me that in the winter you can ski in the morning and then swim in the sea in the afternoon. We stopped at a beautiful mountain village and walked beside a mountain stream. We bought some figs from a lady and some dried rose buds. There were lots of trees just like we have in Scotland and they were beautiful.

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Later Ms Francis couldn’t resist buying some sugared hibiscus flowers and some juniper berries. Look out for trying these when she’s back.22.9 (17) (Medium)22.9 (13) (Medium)22.9 (15) (Medium)22.9 (14) (Medium)

Before we got to the mountains we stopped in Nicosia. It is the world’s only divided capital city. Keith and I walked up to the Turkish border and wondered how horrible it must be to live in a divided country with what appears to be a random ‘Attilla’ line drawn through the countryside and main city. Click HERE for more information on the situation.

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We met a man wearing a Chelsea football shirt who posed for a photo. It turned out he was Polish!

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The lady in the post office also posed for her picture with Keith.22.9 (9) (Medium)22.9 (10) (Medium)

When the line was drawn in 1974 many families had to move to the north or south of the country very fast and with little choice. The Cypriot teacher here tells me many of the children at school are from these displaced families.

Outside of Nicosia the soil looks like the soil they have in Angus. It’s full of iron oxide and very red.     It’s very good for growing potatoes in! Potatoes are the main export of Cyprus and the main industry bringing money into the country is…tourism.