Walk like a fishwife!

Today P6/7 set off on the Fishwives’ Walk from Newmill to Drybridge.The weather was doubtful to start with but it soon brightened up into a perfect walking day. We stopped off at Fernking Croft and collected eggs to take with our hand ground flour to swap for fish with the children from Buckie. We packed the flour in 4oz bags so with 2 of our eggs and 8floz of milk they have all they need to make pancakes. Use less milk and you have bannocks.
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We we’re joined on our walk by several adults…thanks to them all. One of the ladies was Brid from Crofting Connections. They are a group who have been so enthusiastic and supportive of our work so it was lovely to have her along with us. We met up with the Buckie children and swapped our food and had a bit of a chat. We set off towards Buckie and very soon stopped at the top of the hill and had out well earned lunch. Then a few more steps and we enjoyed a fantastic view of the Moray coast and Buckie was spread out below us. A short hop to Drybridge saw us back on the bus and heading back to Keith. Well done to all the children they; walked, chatted, carried, looked and learned. It was a lovely end to our Crofting Connections/Food for Thought project. Make sure you stop by Keith library soon to see our display of our work this year.
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