Eco meeting 2.2.15

Present: Sonny, Ruby, Kate, Harrison, David, Owen, Paris, Dylan, Logan, Liam, Ashley, Emily and Mrs Wilson.
Where: School library
Time: 1.50 pm
Food Wastage- group decided to make posters/junk models for around school to encourage everyone to “eat up” and not waste any food.
Melon Bear- litter award is still great, keep up with special mentions at assembly, outside display is totally gone, will need to replace with heavier wooden sign.
Scrumple – energy efficiency award is still good, but may need to be reminded about.
Biodiversity – log piles for creepy crawlies are not successful, will need to make cane houses that are high up, also need to tidy up the garden pots and ask REAP for any help with planting seeds.
Allotments- still being used, plenty to do!
Time- 2.27 pm