Apple Day Quiz Answers

The World of Apples Quiz

Thank you to everyone who bought a quiz sheet.
Well done to any of you who may have guessed these correctly!
Very well done to Heidi Wilson who won the competition.

Captain Cook’s vessel Discovery
Small family car Fiesta
A composition of Henry VIII? Greensleeves
Saddened Scots king James Greive
A planet Jupiter
… of the Glen Monarch
A guard Grenadier
Mum’s mum’s common name Granny Smith
Barbara Cartland! Pink Lady
Injured farm-hand Bloody Ploughman
Heavy salmon Laxton
French port’s wine Muscadet de Dieppe
Eastern ocean fragrant flower Pacific Rose
American Latin rock group,recently on Strictly! Santana
Male cat golf stroke Tom Putt
Essex county town miracle Chelmsford Wonder
Au ‘n yummy Golden Delicious
German for ‘bell-apple’ Glockenapfel
Irish hobbit Kerry Pippin
Food of the gods Ambrosia

Half proceeds go to ‘Farm Africa’ and half to St Thomas Allotment team.
We got our wheelbarrow from Nikolaus and he also visited Farm Africa 🙂
Happy Christmas.